Pamela Revercomb ~ Soul Level Animal Communicator® and Soul Level Intuitive Coach®

 Soul Level Animal Communicator®

Growing up on a farm was a wonderful way to spend time with animals. I loved hanging out with them and learning their ways of doing things. Yet there were times when I wished I could communicate with them on a higher level. At the Danielle MacKinnon School I learned how to use my natural intuitive abilities to connect with animals and their humans.

As a certified professional practitioner of Soul Level Animal Communication® with a Ph.D. in Information Transfer, I bring both science and intuition to the readings. This goes beyond perceiving all the ways your animal adds fun and humor to your life… or drives you crazy. A soul level reading improves the way you and your animal communicate, broadens your awareness of their unconditional love for you, and reveals their efforts to help you work on your own life lessons.

For me, it’s a privilege to help animals and their humans communicate in this way.

Soul Level Intuitive Coach®

What if there is an easy way for you to help yourself  feel more confident and comfortable with people?  

As a human living in our socially interactive – and judgmental - world, you may have developed a few negative thoughts about yourself and your life. If so, have you noticed how these negative thoughts make you feel discouraged and drain your positive energy?

You can relieve this frustration and stress; feel confident and comfortable with people. As a Soul Level Intuitive Coach®, I connect with my guides (and yours) to find out how these negative beliefs became part of your life, and what you can do about it... right now. You'll also learn how to handle discouraging thoughts, feelings, and interpersonal relationships in the future.


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Photo and Graphic Credits: Logo created by Ava Revercomb and digitally enhanced for web use by Alex Fountain.   Banner photo of the rainbow and farm was taken by me; headshot and photo of me with my nephew dog Mookie by Laura Revercomb.
© Copyright 2022 ~ Pamela Lipe Revercomb
© Copyright 2022 ~ Pamela Lipe Revercomb