Opening the Gate to Animal Awareness

 Pamela Revercomb is an intuitive certified Soul Level Animal Communicator®. She grew up on a dairy farm in upstate New York, where she loved spending time observing, interacting with, and learning from animals. At some point in her youth, she experienced what she calls “animal awareness."  She realized animals were not just their behavior; they had thoughts, emotions, personalities, a sense of purpose and... humor!  Animals come from a place of unconditional love and can teach us life lessons.  She also noticed how people and animals often had difficulty communicating, and considered it her mission to one day be able to use her “animal awareness” to help.  Pamela received training, and learned how to use her natural intuitive abilities to connect with animals and their humans through the Danielle MacKinnon School for Soul Level Animal Communication®.   She considers it a joyful privilege to provide readings that help humans and their animals communicate better.  It's all part of her mission to open the gate to animal awareness.


Photo and GraphicCredits: Logo created by Ava Lee Revercomb and digitally enhanced for web use by Alex Fountain.   Banner photo of the rainbow and farm was taken by Pamela.

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