Pamela Revercomb is a certified professional intuitive animal communicator. She grew up on a dairy farm in upstate New York, where she loved observing, interacting with, and learning from animals.  They demonstrated unconditional love, and were good listeners - sharing advice in their own way while helping with life lessons.  She also noticed how sometimes people and their animals had difficulty communicating - especially when an animal was behaving differently in order to tell their human something important.   It became her goal to learn how she could best use her intuitive ability to connect with animals as a way to offer help.   

Pamela received her certification as a professional practitioner through the Danielle MacKinnon School for Soul Level Animal Communication®, where she learned how to effectively use her natural intuitive abilities to connect with animals and their humans.  With a Ph.D. in Information Transfer, Pamela brings both science and intuition to an animal communication reading.  She considers it a joyful privilege to help humans and their animals transfer information to each other for better communication.

 Having a moment with my grand-dog Wesley.



Photo and GraphicCredits: Logo created by Ava Revercomb and digitally enhanced for web use by Alex Fountain.   Banner photo of the rainbow and farm was taken by Pamela; headshot by Laura Revercomb; photo of Gramela and Wesley by Ava Revercomb.

Opening the Gate to Animal Awareness

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