Soul Level Animal Communication® Readings

When would you benefit from an intuitive animal reading?

  • Your animal is behaving in an unusual (or unwelcome) way.  Sometimes, even though you know your animal quite well, you notice different behavior and sense the animal is doing it with purpose.  You find yourself wondering if the animal is sick, hurt, unhappy, angry, scared or for some other reason trying to get your attention. You may even talk out loud to your animal and human friends about this, hoping to figure it out.  Your veterinarian finds nothing physically wrong with your animal... and yet the behavior continues.

      If your animal is behaving in an unusual way that repeatedly gets your attention, there's a good chance they are trying to tell you something!  If you can't figure it out on your own, why not ask someone who specializes in communicating with animals intuitively?  

  • Your animal does not seem to understand what you want him to do. Our animals hear the words we speak - both when we talk to them out loud, and when we talk about them to others.  Although some animals can mimic our words, most are incapable of having a conversation using our spoken words.  So, it can be quite frustrating for them when they try to communicate with us.  It's as if you and your animal are both playing "Charades" and you can't figure out the other's clues.  

       If your animal does not know what you want him to do, an intuitive reading offers your animal a way to let you know what's going on from his perspective.  Using my intuitive connection, you both have an opportunity to transfer information directly to each other. 

      Plus... your level of understanding each other improves immediately and will continue to grow.                     

What is an intuitive animal reading like?

Most of my readings are conducted over the phone, or Zoom.  When the call starts, I will tell you about the "reading" process - what to expect, how I will share the information I receive from your animal with you, and what your part is in all this.  Basically, I make an intuitive connection with both you and your animal to get a general sense of your personalities and relationship. I will ask your animal a question you would like to have answered.  For examples: "Why does my cat bring me Ziploc bags? or "Why does my dog eat socks?"  I receive information in a number of different ways (see, hear, feel, sense or "knowing").  All of the information received during the reading will be shared with you.  The length of the reading varies depending on how much and what type of information you are seeking. 

What is a "Soul Level" intuitive reading?

The behavior your animal displays may actually be about something they are teaching you - a lesson you are working on in your own life.  In fact, our animals are often doing things to help us with these life lessons.  A soul level intuitive reading will give you a comprehensive understanding of your relationship with your animal and what they are here to teach you. 

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Animal Reading Options

Short descriptions for the different types of readings are included below.  


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20-Minute Quick Read - A Question for my Animal    $40             

You come to the reading with one question you would like to ask your animal.  I will make an intuitive connection with your animal, ask the animal the question, and then share the information I receive with you.    This type of reading does not get into detail about your relationship with your animal on a soul level.  It is best for a situation when an animal has just started doing something unusual, rather than a behavior which has been going on for a long time. ______________________________________________________________________________________________

30-Minute Soul Level Reading - Question  & Identify Lesson    $50         

I make an intuitive connection with your animal, ask the animal your question, and then connect on a soul level with the animal to find out if you are working on a life lesson together.  This is best for looking into something the animal has been doing for awhile, which appears to be on purpose and/or to get your attention. ______________________________________________________________________________________________

45-Minute Soul Level Reading -  Your Animal and Life Lesson    $75                    

I will make an intuitive connection with your animal, ask the animal your question, and then connect on a soul level with the animal to receive in-depth information about what your animal might be teaching you and/or how you are working together on a life lesson. For animals who have passed on, this type of reading allows them to share not only what they helped you with during their life, but also how they continue to support you in spirit. ______________________________________________________________________________________________

2-Animal Reading - Two Animals who are "Having Issues"    $50                               

This is a One-Question reading that involves two animals who may be having some difficulty getting along with each other.  It can be useful for issues involving territory, hierarchy, “who gets the bed”, jealousy, food bowl fights, etc.  I will make an intuitive connection with each animal, so they have an opportunity to share their very own perspective on the situation at hand.  While in this safe intuitive space,  the animals work together to consider both viewpoints and find a way to share space more comfortably for everyone involved. 




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"My favorite reading feedback is when a person (and/or their animal) lets me know they are able to communicate better.  Our companion animals are often here to to teach us about unconditional love and to help us with specific life lessons .  I am grateful when I can help transfer that information." ~ Pamela Revercomb ~ 

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Frequently Asked Questions re: Intuitive Readings

Can you do a reading for an animal who has passed on?  Yes!  Animals who have passed can participate in a reading.  Some things will not be the same as in a live animal reading (e.g., how they are feeling in their body); however, they are often ready and waiting to share information with you.   Tip:  Your animal may need an adjustment period after the passing, so it is best to wait a week or so before scheduling this type of reading.  

What makes your animal readings intuitive?   The readings are "intuitive" because instead of talking out loud to the animal, I open my mind to a common space where it is comfortable for the animal to share this information with me. The information comes from the animal in different ways: it can be something I see, hear, feel, sense, or simply receive as a "knowing."   Without judgment or analysis, I share whatever information the animal transfers to me just as it is received. 

What do you mean by "Soul Level Animal Communication"?  This occurs when the animal shares how they are connected to their human for the purpose of helping them with a life lesson.  Often the behavior your animal exhibits in an attempt to get your attention is related to what they are doing in order to teach you something that will help you with whatever life lesson(s) you are working on.  If you think about it, you know you are working on various lessons in your life - throughout your life.  Our animals are often here to help us with that.

Do you only read cats and dogs?  All types of animals are welcome!  So far... I have made intuitive connections with the following types of animals:  cat, dog, horse, chicken, alpaca, bird, bearded dragon/iguana, coydog, raccoon, deer, sheep, and goats.  The only requirement is that you personally have some sort of relationship or connection with the animal.

How can you do a reading by phone; don’t you have to be with the animal?  Because the connections I make with you and your animal are done on an intuitive level, it is not necessary to be in the same physical space. An in-person reading is also a social situation, which may be distracting for some.

Will you do readings in person?   Yes, if it seems to be the best way to do it.

What is an “intuitive connection” and how does it work?  For me, it is a means of moving away from the conscious mind and into a different state of consciousness where the ability to communicate is common to both humans and animals.

Can you diagnose illness or give me medical advice for my animal?  I am not qualified to diagnose illness or give medical advice. That said, if an animal repeatedly draws attention to a specific area of physical discomfort in the body, I will tell you. Animals share how they are feeling (both good and bad) during a reading, and it is up to you to decide if the animal needs to see a medical professional.

Can you guarantee my animal’s behavior will change after your reading?  Unfortunately, no. They have the choice to change their behavior… or not. Usually the reason for the behavior will be made clear during the reading. Sometimes it’s simple, like changing the brand of cat litter. Other reasons are more complex and the solution may require both you and your animal making changes. The reading offers you some insight – from the animal - into WHY s/he is behaving in a particular way.  In some cases, you and your animal may need to work with an animal behaviorist or trainer.  However, if the animal draws attention to specific areas of pain or discomfort in his/her body, I will always recommend you check first with your veterinarian. 

Is there any scientific proof this type of communication is real?  Here are  a couple of studies on the subject:

1. There was an interesting study done in 2019 at the Peak Brain Institute in Los Angeles, CA. The study involved Dr. Andrew Hill, cognitive neuroscientist, Dr. Drew Pinsky, neurology specialist, Tyler Henry, psychic medium, and Stevo, an actor and skeptic re: psychic ability. They conducted a brain scan analysis of Tyler while he did a psychic reading for Stevo. Here are links for two short videos:

First video - Dr. Drew and Tyler Henry make plans to do test:

Second Video - Stevo (actor and psychic skeptic) and Tyler Henry (medium) during psychic reading and neurological scan at Peak Institute:

2. A study conducted by Professor Jessica Utts (2000), Division of Statistics, University of California Davis, in which  "Research on psychic functioning, conducted over a two decade period, is examined to determine whether or not the phenomenon has been scientifically established."

 An Assessment of the Evidence for Psychic Functioning.  May 2019. The Journal of parapsychology 82(3):118-146 

Here is an excerpt from the Abstract of this article: 

The primary work examined in this report was government-sponsored research conducted at Stanford Research Institute (later known as SRI International) and at Science Applications International Corporation (SAIC). Using the standards applied to any other area of science, it is concluded that psychic functioning has been well established. The statistical results of the studies examined are far beyond what is expected by chance. Arguments that these results could be due to methodological flaws in the experiments are soundly refuted. Effects of a magnitude similar to those found in government-sponsored research at SRI and SAIC have been replicated at a number of laboratories around the world. Such consistency cannot be readily explained by claims of flaws or fraud.


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