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Are YOU interested in learning how to communicate intuitively with animals?

Often my clients are intuitive themselves.  It makes sense: someone who cares enough about their animal to seek help from an intuitive animal communicator already has empathy for their animal and wants to improve the way they communicate with each other.  Although this type of intuition seems to come more naturally to some people, it is available to all of us, and you can learn how to open it up for yourself. 

If you aren't quite ready for courses, and you'd like to explore your own intuition with fellow animal lovers, consider joining Be OpenUse this link to find out about Be Open:  Intuitive Animal Communication Community.

If you are ready for courses, I recommend the Danielle MacKinnon School - where I received my training.  This page has short descriptions for two of the introductory courses - Soul Level Animal Communication® and Soul Level Psychic® - with links to Danielle's website where you'll find more detailed information about the courses, and how to register. 

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Soul Level Animal Communication 101® Course

February 3 - March 15,  2023 

The Most Established Online Pet Psychic Class in Beginner Animal Communication

Learn the basics of animal communication (anyone can do it!) and how to trust in your unique intuitive abilities (yes! You have them!)

Soul Level Animal Communication®, created by animal communicator, Danielle MacKinnon helps you learn psychic connection with animals. Through the Soul Level Method® you’ll discover how to harness the deep wisdom animals offer, that so many of us miss. In this Soul Level Animal Communication 101® course you’ll:

Learn how to psychically talk with animals and find out what they really want you to know!

  • Find out the WHY behind your pet’s behavioral problems
  • Learn the four types of intuitive animal communication
  • Deepen the connection between you and your beloved pets
  • Trust what you hear, see, and feel when you connect with your pet
  • Practice with animals that are currently living and those who have passed over

Animals are innately psychic. Tap in to that with this course, and just 17 minutes of practice per day!

Soul Level Psychic 101+ Course

April 11 - May 16,  2023 

Do you want to open your intuition but don’t know where to start? Have you thought about taking a class, but you’re not sure which class would work for you? Have you been hoping for some help delving in to discover your psychic skills? Get ready to unlock the intuitive powers you ALREADY have and develop new psychic abilities by working with your Spiritual Guides.

Soul Level Intuitive and Animal Communicator, Danielle MacKinnon has taken her 20 years of experience and distilled it into this course to give you every possible advantage to open your psychic senses more easily and completely – even if you’ve tried before and it didn’t work.

We’re all born with psychic abilities, but we’re usually ignoring them by the time we reach kindergarten. We’re taught to push down and dismiss the things we feel, see, and hear because they aren’t part of the “normal” world. Luckily, it’s always possible to re-discover them so you can see yourself and the world in an enlightened way.

This course combines live webinars, pre-recorded video lessons, Teaching Assistants, the private group forum, Practice & Play webinars, along with live support by Danielle. This is the only course of it’s kind. Let Danielle walk you through her Soul Level Psychic process for intuition development and learn to embrace and grow the relationship with your Guides. This is not your average psychic development course!


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