Soul Level Intuitive Coaching®

Here are some examples of when Soul Level Intuitive Coaching® could be helpful:  

  • Often feeling like you never have time to do the things you need to do.
  • Worrying about people judging you.
  • Taking things people say “the wrong way.”
  • Feeling awkward or unworthy when someone compliments you. 
  • Always tell people you are “self-conscious” or “shy”.
  • Silently compare yourself to others; thinking they are better in some way.
  • It seems - to you - like you never meet others’ expectations of you.
  • Yelling (in your head or aloud) at yourself when you make a mistake.
  • And the list goes on...

It's perfectly normal to have any or all of these thoughts.  However, they are supporting negative beliefs about yourself, which have an effect on all aspects of your daily life.   Have you noticed how these negative thoughts are discouraging and drain your positive energy?  You don’t have to keep doing this!  As your coach, I will connect with my guides (and yours) so you can find out how these negative beliefs became part of your life, and what you can do about it... right now.  The coaching process also gives you a way to personally handle similar thoughts, feelings and interpersonal relationships in the future. 

What makes Soul Level Intuitive Coaching Awesome?

This style of coaching is not about me fixing something in your life for you – or giving you advice about how to do that.  My role is to transfer to you, information from the guides that is specifically for you. The process of receiving and working with this information allows you to learn how to do this for yourself in your daily life.  To put it another way, the guides prescribe a way for you to be prepared for situations that trigger your negative beliefs about yourself and your life.  So, in the future you'll know how to bypass all that and just be your own best self.

What is the coaching session like, and how do you do it? 

The intuitively guided coaching sessions will take place over the phone, or using Zoom. During the first session, I will introduce you to the "Soul System" and the concept of "negative beliefs." Both are integral to the coaching process. You'll find out what to expect during the sessions, and what your part will be in all this. Any information I receive from the guides will be shared with you during the sessions.  The length of each coaching session will be 60 minutes.


"Don't look back on what might have been. Rather, lift up, look up - now - where you are."

Edgar Cayce

 Coaching Options

Descriptions for the types of Soul Level Intuitive Coaching® packages are included below.  Coaching sessions are done by phone or video/Zoom calls. All sessions in the 6-session package must be completed in 12 months.  

Instructions for scheduling and making payment for your coaching sessions can be found on the Appointments and Payment  page.  If you have questions, you can email me by using the MESSAGE FORM on that page. 

Bonus Option:  If you complete a Single/Introductory session with me and then decide to continue with the complete coaching process, your payment will be applied to the cost of the 6-session package.

              email:                  Call : (315) 447-2718                  

Once you have  made your choice, please click the green "Schedule Sessions and Make Payment" button below.

Single/Introductory Session  ~  One 60-minute Session                                                                         $100                                                                         

The single session is an option when you are looking for guidance and insight for a specific challenge you are currently facing.  It includes an introduction to the concepts and intuitive processes I use while coaching.

* Note: Should you decide to continue with the complete coaching process, your payment will be applied to the cost of the 6-session package.


6 - Session Package  ~  Six 60-minute Sessions                                                                                      $500                               

Throughout the 6-session coaching process, I maintain an intuitive connection with the guides.  I will share all information and guidance received during each session with you. You will learn how to retool your negative thoughts and beliefs so they are of use to you in a positive way.

Individual follow-up session 60 minutes/session)                                                                                     $75

This is only applicable if you have completed the 6-Session Package                   



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